The D-MAN Foundation, Danny’s Miracle Angel Network, is dedicated to enriching the lives of families and individuals living with physical and mental disabilities.  Through education, specialty programs, and fundraising efforts, The D-MAN Foundation strives to ensure that people with quadriplegia and other severe disabilities have the opportunities to achieve the highest quality of life possible.

On Guard for the physically and mentally impaired and their families A Michigan-based non-profit, Danny’s Miracle Angel Network: D-MAN Foundation is on guard, providing funding, education and programs for people with severe physical or mental limitations or acute and chronic conditions, bringing them a higher quality of life and enabling them to experience those special moments in their lives with a “can-do” attitude.

Programs And Services

Through funds established by the Board of Directors of Danny’s Miracle Angel Network:
D-MAN Foundation, the 501(c)(3) organization may but not be limited to supporting these specific programs and services in line with the mission of the organization:

  • Funding for Un/Under-Insured Special Care for those with Severe Physical or Mental impairments
  • Education/Funding for Assisted Travel for Severely Physically Impaired and their families
  • Recording Studio Access and Programming for Physically or Mentally Impaired



The state-of-the-art DMAN Music Therapy Studio is the first of its kind. It will be completely adapted for individuals with disabilities that include but are not limited to: quadriplegia, severe mental & physical impairment, emotional impairment and cognitive impairment. ECUs (Environmental Control Units) and Sip and Puff modules (devices that allow the use of computers hands free) will provide individuals with the technology to record and produce their own music.

The D-MAN Foundation music therapy program is founded on a combination of evidence-based research and music intervention techniques to accomplish individualized goals created by program therapists for individuals with severe physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities.

Each individual will have goals and objectives for each session.  Sessions might include work with a certified music therapist or an audio engineer.  Data will be collected by therapists and interventions will be identified.  The sessions will be closely monitored and interventions will be adapted as needed.  With an audio engineer, clients can create music with tangible results.

allen floyd DMAN pic

Participants will benefit from services that will develop instrument skills, music performance, song writing and arrangement, and critical listening.  The research-based outcomes of music therapy include though are not limited to: improvement in social behavior, improved motor functioning skills, improved cognitive functioning, reduced behavior and disciplinary problems, improved academics that leads to successful graduation with diploma or certificate of completion, foster a sense of belonging in society, supporting a sense of hope, reinforce empowerment for personal change, foster creativity and imagination, etc. NOTE:  Key outcomes are based on clinical and evidence-based use of music intervention supported by the AMTA.

Music Studio