Since my auto accident in November 2001, I had to rely on commercial transportation services, as I am no longer able to drive. To prevent disrespecting my previous companies, I will leave out the names of these companies. I simply want you and any potential customers to know that since I began using your services last November, I have been satisfied. EVERYONE representing ZCD has been professional and courteous. Your scheduler, your dispatcher, your drivers, and all members of your staff have been outstanding Although the companies I used previously were good, there was always some flaw. The first company had excellent drivers, but a lousy scheduler. As such, drivers were often late arriving at my home. The second company had a very good scheduler. However, some of the drivers were not very good. Some tried to make passes at my caregivers. Others elected to bypass their dress code, and they wore shirts with logos that were embarrassing. The third company I used simply didn’t care. Dispatchers couldn’t be reached at times. At times, drivers were no-show-no-call. Obviously, that company didn’t last too long with me. Please feel free to share this letter. ZCD is a great company!

Arnie Grinblatt,

To Everyone at ZCD Thanks so much for being such a great transportation company. Don’t know what I’d without you!


Your staff was very knowledgeable and had great advice. The Nurse & OT were both very personable & kind.


Our nurse was very caring and always available to us, we could not have picked a better person. She was great.


It was my pleasure to have Guardian Angel in my home. They are friendly people and patient.


You guys were great!! Everyone was very nice, easy to talk to & helps in everyway when we needed it. Thank you.


ZCD Transportation, Thank you for your wonderful service your company had provided. The staff has been great, and that’s most appreciated.


RN Angels, Thank you for the care you gave to my father Charley Hockey. Has passed on the to a better place, 5-7-06, he is at peace now. Thank you again.. His daughter,


Thank you all so much for all of your concern + help with Donna through the past 8 weeks especially! You are Truly Great Special People. This will be cherished forever. Thank you for the lovely flowers and for taking care of my sister Donna. How truly are all “Guardian Angels” .. Love,

Vic & Donna,

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